Pastor Linwood E. Bethea

Born September 9, 1954, Pastor Linwood E. Bethea is known for the “wisdom” that comes out of his mouth. When he talks, people listen. At the age of 13 he received Christ as his Savior at the New Shiloh Baptist Church in Baltimore, Maryland under the pastorate of Rev. Dr. Harold Carter, Sr. He then began to seek the Lord for wisdom. Those who know him will testify that he must have received it. In his quiet way he opens his mouth with wisdom and solid advice to many. Affectionately called “Bill Cosby,” Pastor Linwood is a family man who values family very highly.

He is a graduate of Frances Ellen Harper Elementary, Booker T. Washington Middle School, Frederick Douglas High School, and Coppin State College/ University

Pastor Linwood taught math at Woodlawn Middle School for one year and also ran a mentoring program there called, “The Gathering.” He encouraged, motivated, counseled, and offered activities for at risk males. He also taught in a GED program that enabled many to receive their high school equivalency certificates.

He is currently the director of the Mays-Woodson Christian Academy. The male dominated school currently has grades Pre-k through second. Higher grades will be added at a later date. Students there are excelling in reading, writing, mathematics, and wisdom. Wisdom is a unique part of the curriculum at Mays-Woodson. He is also the director of the men’s ministry, “The Nation of Men,” in which he is determined to take men from being males to men. He challenges men to be the priest of their homes and all that they should be as proclaimed by the Word of God. He and Pastor Karen also co-teach a life changing seminar entitled, “The Family Clinic” which has brought healing to many struggling families. It is their top selling CD series! Testimonies from the teachings keep pouring in. Pastor Linwood is a strong entrepreneur and a wise businessman. Pastor Linwood is also a member of the 100 Black Men of Maryland, an organization dedicated to mentoring and bettering the lives of young African American males.

Last but not least, he is a husband and father. He and Apostle Karen have two beautiful children: Tiffany, and L. Jamaal Bethea, and two grandchildren Natalie and Jordan. As of February 14, 2011, they have been married for 30 plus years.