Become An STCF Member

Here is how simple it is to become an STCF member.

  1. Send us an email to You will be asked for additional information to get you started.
  2. Attend the next new members class. Our New Member’s class is a 13-week interactive class that will help you understand what we believe and who we are as a ministry.
  3. After completing New Member’s class, you will officially receive the right hand of fellowship and be allowed to enjoy the full benefits of membership.

STCF a family-centered holistic ministry on the move. We have a very unique culture and there is a lot that may be new to you if you are just coming to us. Here are some additional pieces of information that might be helpful as you get accustomed to our ministry.

Join The STCF E-Family!

  • Live worship services
  • Interactive Bible Study
  • Facebook Group Community
  • Email newsletters
  • Mobile app content
  • Local meetups
  • Volunteer and ministry teams



What ministries does the church have to get involved in? See our ministries page here. This is not an exhaustive list, however, during New Member’s class, you will be acclimated to all of the opportunities to serve and be able to sign up.

Need Assistance?

If I need assistance who do I contact? Our staff, affectionately referred to as the dream team, is proudly here to serve you. For all inquiries contact Elder Dwight Parker at, member services. He will direct you to the best team member to meet your request.