Get on the P.A.T.H.

Pointing All Towards Heaven, is our systematic process of maturing people in the Word of God and making disciples of new believers.

Heaven is a spiritual state of everlasting communion with GOD and we believe that Heaven is two-fold. Communion in Life: Abundant Life
(John 10:10) and Communion in Eternity: Eternal Life (John 3:16)

Stage 1: Salvation/New Members Class (13 weeks)

Stage 2: What We Believe Discipleship (13 weeks)

Stage 3: Walking In Victory I, II, III (13 weeks each)

Stage 4: Whole Is Our Goal (39 weeks)

Stage 5: Spiritual Enrichment Classes (new classes are offered each session)

YES! The P.A.T.H. is designed for everyone in our community to benefit from what God has shared with us. Non-members are welcomed to take any of our Spiritual Enrichment classes and our youth classes are open to the community as well. Currently the Spiritual Enrichment class being offered is The Pastor’s Bible Study with Dr. Karen. You can view it on Facebook Wednesdays at 7:30 pm EST here.

YES! God’s Next Gen Youth Ministry hosts an interactive teen Wednesday night bible study at the same time as the adult classes. They meet online via Zoom. Please send an email to to get their login code. SEE VIDEOS AND PHOTOS HERE

Starting your journey along the PATH will require enrolling into one of the stages or holding classes using our web-based learning management system Traincaster. Traincaster assigns classes to you based on your stage along the PATH. Traincaster allows you to self enroll in a class, browse through the class calendar to see what classes are being offered in specific locations on specific dates, keep track of your class completion history and receive a certificate of completion via e-mail. Since Traincaster is web-based it is accessible 24/7 from any computer or smart device such as your tablet or smart phone.


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