ABC Kids

Join us every Sunday directly after morning worship online for an ABC Kids church presentation. View each Sunday on our Facebook page here. 

Devoted Marriage Ministry

The purpose of the Devoted Marriage Ministry is to make a difference in marriages and provide resources and tools to help enrich godly unions. Our commitment to helping strengthen marriages is the heart of our marriage mentor program. Connect with one of our many successful godly couples who is ready to pour into your marriage their wisdom and experience.

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Daughters of Prophetic Destiny (DOPD)

It is the desire of the DOPD women’s ministry to empower, encourage and help women to embrace their purpose in God. Join our Facebook group here to enjoy our book discussions, recipe shares and much more.

Food Pantry

The STCF Food Pantry offers healthy and nutritious meal solutions to families in need. Our loving staff not only serves food but also offers prayer and encouragement. During this time we are only doing a drive up pantry. Please remain prepared to stay in your vehicle the entire time. We will place groceries in your trunk.

When: Thursdays 9 am – 12 pm

Where: The O.W.E. Center 6901 Security Blvd


God’s NextGen Youth Ministry

“To instruct youth in the ways of the Lord so they can pursue a strong faith walk and have good success in life.”

Phillipians 3:14

We are excited to have a class just for teens to dive into the word in an interactive way that is just for them.

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Meeting ID: 820 7837 5139
Passcode: 701100

Health & Wellness

It’s our mission to inspire our members and community to embrace and enjoy healthy living.

3 John 1:2, Romans 12:1

Rooted Young Adult Ministry

Rooted Young Adult Ministry is a vehicle through which young adults (18-30) will be developed into the leaders of today! This ministry will exist to bridge the gap between generations (teens, adults, seniors), to impart and pass down virtues and skills from one generation to the next, and to train up and prepare future leaders in their identified areas of passions Christ.

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Letting Each Gift Accentuate Coming Youth

Our Mission is to bridge the gap between the generations by providing opportunities for Seniors to link with teens, young adults, and those coming behind them through impartation of wisdom, skills and knowledge.

The function of LEGACY is to assist Seniors in being fruitful and full of life both before and after retirement and to provide opportunities for Seniors to interact with others of their age. We also assist with the unique needs of Seniors and to provide for spiritual and social activities to enhance this season of their lives.

Nation of Men

The Nation of Men exists to empower men to take ownership in their responsibility for making homes and community a spiritually and mentally-healthy environment. Join us for our engaging monthly book discussions. To get on our men’s list please shoot an email to info@stcfoc.ofg. 

Fellowship Circles

Fellowship Circles at STCF are a way for people to grow closer to God and fellow church members through bible study and prayer. Upon request, we strategically match individuals with similar interests, lifestyles, etc. Each month the prayer circle facilitator meets with the group to connect regarding a specific passage of study. Through our prayer circles we see deeper relationships with God developed and new and lasting friendships birthed. If you are interested in learning more about or joining/leading a circle, please email us at

BEREAVEMENT: This circle is for those who have lost a loved one or loved ones and needs some support to get through the grieving process. Stephanie Hill is the Circle Leader

CANCER SURVIVORS: This is a support circle for those who are going through treatment or caring for someone going through treatment. Gladys Peaches Kenney is the Circle Leader.

SINGLES: This circle gives singles a platform to support one another with regard to the unique needs of singles. Cynthia Winder is the Circle leader

SINGLE PARENTS: This circle is designed to give support to single parents and share ideas with time management, parenting tips, etc. Cheryl Smith is the Circle Leader.

WIDOW/WIDOWERS: This circle is to assist those who have lost a spouse, in order to help them heal and adapt to a new norm. Betty Hill is the circle leader.

OVERCOMING ADDICTION: A circle for those who struggle with cigarette, drug or alcohol addiction. Deacon Henry Thomas is the Circle leader.norm again. Deaconess Diane Kearney is the circle leader.

NEW TO CHRISTIANITY FROM OTHER RELIGIONS: A circle for new believers who have come from other religions and converted to Christianity. Stanley Williams is the Circle leader.

CHRONICALLY ILL: This is a support circle for those who have been dealing with an ongoing health challenge. Linda Frink is the Circle leader.

HEALTHY EATING: This circle was developed to instruct participants in ways to eat healthy as a lifestyle. Not a diet but a whole new way of eating. Corrie Stowe, Kiwanis Terry and Jean Gafney are the circle leaders.

NEW MEMBERS:  This is a circle for new members to assist them with their new life at STCF. Participants will learn about the PATH and other STCF events and activities. The various circle leaders for this area are

NEWLYWEDS: This is a circle for newlyweds as they transition from two to becoming one. Lionel and Clarissa Spears are the circle leaders.

SEPERATED OR DIVORCED: This is a circle for those who are either separated or newly divorced with a focus on moving forward and finding a new and happy norm again. Deaconess Diane Kearney is the circle leader.

SPECIAL NEEDS CHILDREN: This is a support circle for parents and siblings of children with special needs. Sabrina Jackson is the Circle leader