Church Covering

Believing that those in authority should also be under authority, pastors Bethea are under the spiritual covering of Bishop R. C. Hugh Nelson, D. Div. He is the pastor of the East Flatbush Church of God in Brooklyn, New York. Church of God of East Flatbush. He has pastored in Canada and the United States and travels abroad on a regular basis.  For his complete bio click here. He provides spiritual guidance to the pastors and staff of Set the Captives Free Outreach Center.

Pastors Edward and Erica Allen
Freedom International Christian Center
Nashville, TN

Pastors Teajai and Jewel Allen
Liberty Outreach Center
Baltimore, MD

Pastors Wylie & Tiffany A. Boyd
New Hope Ministries
Baltimore, MD

Pastors R. Kevin and Jonelle Hooks
Transformation of Life Christian Center
Baltimore, MD

Pastors Chris and Jekia Ledbetter
Victory Ministries of Christ
Baltimore, MD

Pastors John and Allison Lightner
Light of the World Outreach Center
Baltimore, MD

Pastor Tanya Young
Way of Life Christian Center
Decatur, Illinois