OWE is not just a move...it's a movement!

Giving back what we O.W.E., Outreach, Worship and Education is so much more than a slogan.
It is the heartbeat of who we are at STCF.

It is our mission to fill people so full of the word of God that it liberates every area of their lives, spirit, soul and body. Our vision Based upon 1 Thessalonians 5:23, “Whole Is Our Goal”. To accomplish this, we will address the totality of man: spiritually, economically, physically, psychologically, educationally, and socially.


About The O.W.E. Center

The move to and creation of the O.W.E. Center is much more than a church relocating to a larger facility. It is a movement to create a community center that will increase the total quality of life for the citizens of Baltimore. The O.W.E. Center of Baltimore will be located in Woodlawn at the former Seoul Plaza. It will house weekly worship as well as community outreach and educational programs.


How We Will Do It:

In order to build this major community project, it will take the support and commitment of the whole community. You can support this campaign by


INtercession- Your prayers are requested as we seek God for continued wisdom and guidance.


INvestment- Your generous donations are highly appreciated as we renovate and prepare this facility for community use.


INvolvement- Your participation will ensure that every program and initiative comes to life.


iPledge Affirmation


iPledge to leave a legacy for my family.


iPledge to leave my community better than I found it.


iPledge to live a life that is bigger than just mine.


iPledge to be generous with what God has blessed me with.